July 29 - 1pm EDT / 1.5 Hour

Learn important principles and best practices of regional planning and transforming existing suburban areas into great walkable, mixed-use places. A practical webinar for urban designers, planners, architects, developers, environmentalists, and community leaders showing how to initiate the needed transformations of outdated suburban projects and car-dominated places into desirable, urban & sustainable places.

Hear from Ellen Dunham-Jones, Director of the Urban Design Program at Georgia Tech School of Architecture. Ellen wrote the book on retrofitting suburbia in 2009 with June Williamson. The book "Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs" documents successful retrofits of aging big box stores, malls, and office parks into healthier and more sustainable places. The book received a PROSE award as the best architecture and urban planning book of 2009 and has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Harvard Business Review, NPR, PBS, TED and other prominent venues.

Ellen will discuss successful methods of redesigning American suburbs and show how
they can absorb new growth in compact forms avoiding more sprawl and the loss of farm land, forests and wilderness areas - working with changing demographics, new lifestyles, and a more diverse economic situation.

Hear from Brent Reynolds, CEO and Managing Partner of Nolan Reynolds, a real estate developer specializing in TOD projects. Brent will discuss his firm's 2 major TOD projects both currently under construction in Miami at metro rail stations. Totalling more than half a billion dollars in project value, the 2 TOD projects are excellent examples of 'retrofitting suburbia' with exemplary mixed-use projects.


Learn the key principles and best practices of creating great places, lively districts, and a synergistic mix of uses. Learn the many ways cities, planning agencies, and rail stations are encouraging quality, walkable, mixed-use environments and great public spaces.

Hear from Beverley Swaim-Staley, President & CEO of Union Station Redevelopment Corporation – manager of Washington DC’s iconic Union Station, one of the busiest transportation centers in the country - serving over 37 million visitors and passengers each year.

Beverley will give an update on the station and its $8.3 Billion modernization and TOD project being planned for the station known as Burnham Place – 9 million square feet of new mixed-use development that will be built above Union Station’s tracks. The development will feature a mix of first-class office, residential, retail, and hotel space, as well as parks and plazas.

Hear from Brian O’Looney, Principal at Torti Gallas Architects in Washington DC, where he serves as principal designer for many notable mixed-use, transit-oriented projects. Brian will share principles of project design and placemaking from his more than 20 years experience planning and designing a variety of technically complex building types that seamlessly integrate a mix of uses.

Learn the successful methods to transform existing places, increase access, tame traffic, reduce and hide parking, and make places pedestrian, bike and scooter friendly.

Get up to speed on the latest trends in TOD - the growing marketshare, development strategies, financing, and creating successful mixed-use projects. Hear from the nation's leading TOD authority Chris Leinberger on business trends, new financing options, and the latest research on TOD success stories.

Hear from one of America's most successful TOD real estate developers Doug Firstenberg, Principal at Stonebridge, and the strategies he's been deploying to create exceptional and successful pedestrian-friendly projects, as well as how his firm is weathering the current crisis to maintain values and keep projects moving forward.

Hear from Andrew Trueblood, Director of the Washington DC Office of Planning about the many things the city has done to encourage decades of high quality TOD projects

Join this lively discussion with 3 of the nation's leaders in TOD for new insights:

  • TOD trends and real estate financing
  • The importance and great development value of rail station locations
  • DC's leadership in TOD and project design
  • Economics of TOD, changing markets
  • Development project successes
  • The current shutdown situation
  • DC's new Comprehensive Plan creating more density at rail stations
  • The reopening of the nation's capital

Get up to speed on the nation's first high speed rail project under construction in California. California High Speed Rail Authority CEO Brian Kelly gives an update on the project, current construction progress, additional construction bids, business plan, full build-out schedule, funding sources, early operator contract, train procurement, and more.

LA Metro CEO Phil Washington gives an update on the massive modernization and expansion of LA Union Station working with the California High Speed Rail Authority. LA Union Station will become a state-of-the-art, world class rail station to include high speed trains. Phil will also give an update on the multi-billion dollar expansion of the new LA Metro system with multiple new lines under construction now.

The California High Speed Rail project is the largest infrastructure project in America and will span the entire state at more than 800 miles long. It will connect the state's regions and bring the nation into the 21st century - catching us up to numerous other nations that have been enjoying the benefits of HSR for many years