Join business leaders, developers, planners and designers for this innovative series of virtual meetings focused on specific topics of importance delivering successful TOD projects. Network with the leaders moving America forward with exceptional TOD projects.

Each webinar will present industry professionals and their important work in the TOD sector. Webinars will feature top design firms, leading developers, relevant planning and transit agencies, consultants, and related professionals. Commercial firms, agencies, and Trade Associations are invited to sponsor and participate in a webinar

Each webinar will take place live at a pre-scheduled date with speakers and the audience logging in through a simple, easy-to-use, interactive webinar platform. The webinar platform will have the capacity to have up to 10,000 attendees for each webinar.

The audience will be able to interact with the speakers to ask questions, post comments, and network. Additional options may include the ability to network among audience members, voting and polling, and other audience engagement. Certification and continuing education credits for webinars is in the works as well.

Webinars will take place as a live, interactive presentation, with new webinars announced every couple of weeks. Following the live presentation, all webinars will be available indefinately on-demand here on

Webinar Topics include:

  • TOD & Creating Walkable Communities
  • Regional TOD Planning, Visioning & Modeling
  • Principles of Placemaking
  • Leveraging Rail Investments to Maximize TOD Opportunities
  • Creating Cafe Districts & Getting Mixed-Use Right
  • TOD Case Studies (Local, National, International)
  • Station Design and Redevelopment
  • Station Area Planning
  • Urban Design and Form Based Codes
  • TOD Catalysts and Getting Projects Going
  • TOD Project Approvals & Funding Options
  • Affordable Housing, Affordable Communities
  • Last Mile Options and Solutions
  • Getting Parking Right, Dealing with Traffic Issues
  • Incorporating New Mobility Options Including Bicycles and Scooters
  • Transitioning Suburban Projects Into Mixed-Use TOD Places

and more to come!